Kern Communications has been affiliated with many top-notch agencies and companies. The trust and confidence that we strive to develop with our business associates is evident in the following gracious endorsements:

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“It was great working with you!”
Karin Caifa, Producer

“Thank you for putting in all the hard work you put in-it made my job easier & made everything run smoothly!”
Alexandra Cordi, Producer
FOX Business Varney & Company

“You [Kern Communications] have been a pleasure to work with...superbly helpful.”
Sue Shellenbarger, Senior Writer and "Work & Family" Columnist
The Wall Street Journal

“Thanks to [Kern Communications]. Without your email, I would have never been sparked with the idea for the article, and as you can see, [your client] Mr. Clarke was vital to the finished piece. I definitely look forward in working with you again.”
Larissa Faw, Workplace Trends Columnist

“You're so good at pitching...”
Robert Kozberg, Producer
CBS' The Early Show

“Thanks again for all your help, you guys were awesome.”
Miseon Lee, Producer
ABC News Now

“...your pitches are fantastic. Keep the creativity coming...”
Bradley Martin, Producer
CNBC-Squawk Box

“ always make my job a lot easier with your promptness and pitches.”
Katie Iacovella, Segment Producer
CNBC-Squawk on the Street

“...I really appreciate you guys working not only so quickly but so well with me and do note that usually the seniors are always happy to have [your client on] as a recurring guest which is so rare here, so that's a good sign for your abilities...”
Michelle Safo, Producer
(formerly with CNBC Closing Bell now at Bloomberg)

"What a pro. They should pay you more.
Kimberly Porrazzo, Editor-in-Chief
Orange County Register

"You rock....
Kristina Rosa, Producer
Central Valley Today TV, Fresno

“Thank you so much for your lightning fast response (sure would be nice if all PR firms were like you!)”
Monique, Editorial Assistant
Home Business Magazine

"Merilee: Just wanted to say thanks again... and Holy Moley... this is turning out to be a FANTASTIC Story. It might be my favorite story I've done all year."
Sebastian Kunz, News Anchor
910am KNEW / Green960 KKGN San Francisco

“Thanks for getting back to me so soon — and for reworking the column in exactly the way I had in mind. It’s nice to work with someone who 'gets it'!”
Carolyn Greer, Managing Editor
Business First of Louisville

“You are very good at what you do...”
Judy Tibbs, Former Editor-in-Chief
Real Estate Executive Magazine

“In a world of pitches, [yours was] kind of interesting and timely. Thanks for brightening my day.”
Norman Bell, Editor
Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal

“You're an editor's dream.”
Lori Luechtefeld, Night Editor
Santa Monica Daily Press

“Finally, a PR professional who understands her job. Kudos.”
Beth Ellyn Rosenthalm Senior Editor
Outsourcing Center

“You are very organized. I like that. Nice work.”
Gabriel Slate, Technology Editor
KRON 4 TV NEWS San Francisco

“Merilee, you rock!”
Paul Lancaster, Executive Producer
1510 KFNN

“You do know how to capture editorial attention! ”
Cindy Grahl, Editor
Sabre Publishing Group, Inc.

“We appreciate are part of our inner family circle at Affluent.”
Cynthia Wilson, Editor
Affluent Magazine

"I never reply to press releases. Why? Because 99.9% of the time they are canned, irrelevant or otherwise not pertinent to our audience. I am replying to you to let you know how impressed I am with your press release...I wanted to let you know it’s right on target based on what we’ve seen as well. This is detailed, practical, well-researched and written. Thank you for not wasting my time...I wish all PR companies took the time to send this type of pertinent information to me."
Joy Keller
IDEA Fitness Journal

"I am compelled to comment on your news release. It is perhaps the best-written release I've received in several years. It was interesting and informative. It drew me to Ms. Williamson's website...It is good to read something today that has no spelling or grammatical errors."
Ginger Conrad, Publisher
Minority Business Entrepreneur magazine

"Merilee, I'm dazzled. It's such a day-brightener when a media person really understands what's needed…thanks so much for your prompt and thorough help!"
Carol Milano, MA, Freelance Journalist

"We are so appreciative of the hard work you’ve put into promoting hold you, your talent and work ethic in the highest regard. The services provided by you and your team have been creative, timely, and overall impeccable, and I can say that I’d recommend Kern Communications to businesses in need of a PR representative without hesitation."
Juan Ribero, Director of Marketing

"Our talented Merilee Kern did it again with another banner month of outstanding HealthyWage press coverage that is the envy of companies everywhere, including many high-profile publications and news organizations… [We executives] always describe you as 'a pro' and one of our VIPs/MVPs. Many thanks, again, for the great work.
Jimmy Fleming, Co-Founder

"You are the *best*!!!! I couldn't be more pleased with our results this year on PR!
David Roddenberry, Co-Founder

"You rock, Merilee!
Jimmy Fleming, Co-Founder

"You rock Merilee! I love your pace! Thank you very much for all your efforts...
Phrantceens Halres, CEO

Total Protection Services Global, Inc.

"Merilee, you are the most 'on top of it' business professional with whom I've ever worked. I appreciate everything you do for me and the doors are beginning to open!"
Elaine Williamson, Principal
Elaine Williamson Designs

"Merilee , No words to say how we adore you...Just want you to know how much you are needed, wanted and appreciated!"
Kathleen Boykin, Design Coordinator
Elaine Williamson Designs

"It seems everything YOU touch turns to a YES!...I'm celebrating your success!
Roxi Hewertson, CEO
Highland Consulting Group

"Merilee, you are a beast with PR!!
Rishelle Payne, Partner
Ascendant Group Branding

"Fantastic work!"
Eve Wright Taylor, Vice President and Associate General Counsel for the Miami HEAT and the AmericanAirlines Arena
Miami HEAT

"You have been the best thing going for me!!! I say it sincerely. Everything you have done has performed."
Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario, "America's Marriage Doctor"
Best Marriage Keys

"You work so hard and it shows in great results. Thanks a million!"
Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario, "America's Marriage Doctor"
Best Marriage Keys

"Merilee rocks! Nice job on the bookings!"
Michelle Patterson, Executive Director
California Women's Conference

“[Merilee is] the complete professional! Very knowledgeable, would definitely hire again!”
Mark Strefford
The Wedding Vine

“I've tried a few other advisors and they are ok but you are without a doubt the smartest, toughest and hardest working...”
Richard Shaw, Founder
Chidren's News Network

Scott Petinga, Worldwide Chairman and CEO

“Merilee,WOW!! This is GREAT! You hit the messaging on point-I couldn't be happier. Thank you!”
Becky Vickers
Formula PR

“I just wanted to say thank you for all the you do. You are awesome!”
Dr. Tess Mauricio, "America's Favorite Dermatologist"
Scripps Ranch Dermatology

“Thanks for the help and refreshing point of view.”
Jim Gist, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
jba consulting engineers

“The info you sent me is great. I wish every PR person included the images and text like you did...maybe 20 percent of the couple hundred pitches we get a week are as complete.”
John Taddeo
Coed Media Group

“Merilee, how goes it? I see the work you've been doing for Arthur and I'm astonished. Great job!”
Dale Godboldo. COO
Arthur Wylie Enterprises
Global Renaissance Entertainment Group - Wylie Studios

"Oh, what a terrific job you did! Very well put together, I must say...thank you for your expertise and hard work in getting things together so perfectly and professionally in such a short amount of time. I'm glad I chose you and will certainly give others my recommendation for your services...Again, great job." James Klink, CEO
Medicom Technologies

"I just want to say you have done a wonderful job with the PR for QwikShower. I worked at a PR/marketing firm here in Maryland for 6 years and I don’t think I ever saw this much buzz being created!"
Michele Palmer

"We know from experience that stories we distribute for our clients generate 100 to 400 placements with 400 rarely being reached. However, your release brought in 672 placements with a full 37% of them being from the top 50 markets!" (read the full letter here)
Dorothy York, President
North American Press Syndicate, Inc. (NAPS)

“Thank you!!! Through your hard work, support, and excellence, you have really helped me increase my Google presence. I am 90% of all 'Sheri Riley' hits listed on the first 5* pages of Google. Awesome, Merilee!!!”
Sheri Riley, Founder
GLUE, Inc.

“You do an amazing job of getting us out there Merilee. It’s great to work with you.”
Juan Ribero, Director of Sales

"This [deliverable] is another reason why you are AWESOME!"
Ellen Schack, CEO
Cowabunga Ice Cream

"Thanks Again Merilee, YOU ARE AMAZING! "
Ed Schack, CEO
EES Cosmetic Solutions, Inc.

"Thank you SO much for all that you do! I really appreciate your hard work..."
Koya Webb, Author

"Great hits [Forbes & Barron's online] – thanks for sending!"
Melissa Torra
Publicist - WILEY

"Thanks to you guys the TapImmune media page is looking pretty damn good!"
Denis Corin

“Absolutely first class – I feel fortunate in having connected with Merilee. In all aspects – promptness, quality, communication – she has been great to work with; plus, she's very pleasant to deal with. In addition to excellently fulfilling the tasks specified in our contract, she provided a seasoned professional’s advice and experience – she knows her stuff! Looking forward to working with Merilee in the future! ”
Eric Gibson, Owner
New World Publishing

“THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING IN 2011!...I admire the work you do, it is a privilege to work with you.”
Julia Valentine, Founder

"You are a genius at P.R. The last campaign exceeded my wildest dreams and expectations. You are undoubtedly one of the best in the field, and I keep telling everyone about how great you are. Thank you!”
Julia Valentine, Founder

“I appreciate the great job you did for us this year.”
Gus Ezcurra, CEO
Advanced Telemetry

“Thanks for the superb coverage.”
Evelyn Sen, Director of Marketing
Advanced Telemetry

“We began using Kern Communications early on when FETCH! Pet Care had only a handful of franchisees and customers. I credit Merilee Kern for largely helping us to build our business into the nation’s leading pet care provider. Merilee Kern is smart, resourceful, and hardworking, and has generated an unbelievable amount of media coverage for our company on a limited budget. I would recommend her to any small business that is looking to grow.”
Paul Mann, Founder & CEO
FETCH! Pet Care

“Thanks Merilee! It has been quite an education and experience working with you over the last year. We've achieved more than I thought was possible in such a short amount of time. It is pretty amazing the leverage that I can get for my marketing dollars with your aggressive & targeted efforts.”
Robert Jenson, Founder & CEO
The Jenson Group

“Thank you so much for far exceeding our expectations, I sincerely feel very confident in your vision, skills and passion to help drive our unique Striker VIP brand and message to the many diverse markets and countless media opportunities.”
Steven Striker, Founder & CEO
Striker VIP, Inc.

“THANK YOU for your speedy work and valuable input - GREAT JOB!!!!...We are so excited about having your expertise! You rock!”
Danielle Striker, Vice President, Business Development
Striker VIP, Inc.

“ probably don't realize how much I admire the work you do. You are far and away superior to our old PR firm and we all truly appreciate your efforts.”
Paul Holstein, Founder and COO

“In one year you've gotten us as much coverage as [our direct competitor's] publicist achieved in 5 years. You rock!”
Shannon McLinden, Founder

“Anyone looking for a good publicist should reach out to Merilee - she really knows her stuff.”
John McKee, The Business Success Coach

“I appreciate all the hard work. You are on fire!!!”
Jim Morham, Owner
Market Media Connect

"...everyone here likes your work. You hit it right on the first time.”
Andy Hengelhaupt, Owner
Top Valley Deals

"I wanted to stop for a minute a let you know how happy we are that the blog is coming along so well. Our readership is way up, which is exciting, and I have a feeling the trend [from your social media efforts] is all up, up, up!! Thanks for your hard work and great thinking.
Jimmy Fleming, Co-Founder

"Fast, reliable and very easy to work with. Professional job. Highly recommend! Thank you and will definitely use again for future projects."
Victoria Barsky, Director of Marketing
Cosmoss Restaurant & Nightclub

"First I want to say congratulations because you get it. You have a clear understanding of the business objectives of PR. I loved the key points you hit on and the concise messaging...You’re a sharp cookie.”
Raoul Davis, Principal
Ascendant Strategy

"I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. When I reflect on where we are now versus where we were a year ago. It is a tremendous difference…Merilee - We see increasingly stronger results, your work ethic goes beyond amazing…”
Raoul Davis, Principal
Ascendant Strategy

"You are a fireball!!!!!!!!!”
Steve Blue, CEO
Miller Ingenuity

"You rock!”
Phrantceena Halres, CEO
Total Protection Services Global

“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how excited Tim and I are to be working with you. In the short time that we’ve worked together, you have already made a wonderful impression, and we know that you are going to be a tremendous asset as we all work together to build...a well known brand.”
Lyle Deitch, Co-Founder & Advisory Board Member
Good Elements, Inc.

"Merilee, you are a gift that keeps on giving. Thanks so much.”
Lyle Deitch, Co-Founder & Advisory Board Member
Good Elements, Inc.

"Wow! I jotted some of these things down years ago. You have geniusly put it all together. The website outline is excellent. Thank you. This is the exact kind of help I needed.”
Chandel L. White, Author
Romans To Jude

“Kern Communications is as proficient as they come. This is a no nonsense company driven by results and they do what they say they will do in a timely and professional manner. I have nothing but praise to offer. If you're looking for a company that truly delivers, look no further. I am excited that Kern Communications has given me their very best and I look forward to our next accomplishment. ”
Chandel L. White, Author
Romans To Jude

“Merilee was very fast, professional and creative. She was able to understand the audience and convey the message with little outside direction.”
Rick Kranz, Principal

“I had asked Merilee to do a short write up for a social blog that included brand positioning and a tag line. She has done a fabulous job. Everything was on time, I liked the copy very much, and had almost no revision work required. I would highly recommend.”
Michael Minutillo
RTE Striders

“Great job! Thank you for the fast service.”
Karimah Westbrook, Actress

“Great service in a timely manner and hit the spot first time. Definitely use again.”
Graham C.
Spill Solution

"I feel it is important to tell you how much I appreciate your work and professionalism and definitely would highly recommend your services to any third party."
Jas Singh, Founder & CEO, Inc.

"[As] the lead on all PR efforts for []...I feel confident [Merilee] will increase our productivity as she has a proven track record in past PR campaigns, strategies, and tactics."
Shattuck Groome, former Director of Marketing, Inc.

"...I have always enjoyed working with Merilee...she's a pro!"
Susan Burke, MS, RD, LD/N, CDE, Chief Nutritionist, Inc.

“I think your PR person, Merilee Kern, is fantastic.”
Ed Slott, CPA
Author of Parlay Your IRA Into a Family Fortune, The Retirement Savings Time Bomb, How to Defuse It, and Ed Slott's IRA Advisor

"...I believe that you are truly a PR genius. I have learned so much from you..."
Gina Mead, Owner
Blu Marketing Communications

"...with you at the helm, interest in SparklingCards has surpassed my expectations ..."
Roshelle Jones-Hirvonen, Founder and CEO
SparklingCards, Inc.

“Thank you for all of your wonderful work on behalf of my're a marvel...It is a total pleasure working with you...clearly top in your field and one of the most effective PR specialists we've hired.”
Shannon McLinden, Founder

“...Thanks of another kind are due to you...this week I got my first paying client directly as a result of your [PR] work. He's a perfect picture of my target audience...I am very pleased to have some hard evidence of our mutual success and your work! Here's to a growing future together.”
John McKee, The Business Success Coach

“Thanks so much for all your hard work for us. The [NBC & CBS TV San Diego] interviews were great & we've been getting lots of responses already...”
Leslie & Gina Costi
FETCH! Pet Care

“...From the beginning Merilee has helped me in the development of marketing materials and in communicating my business message effectively to the media...The success I have had is unbelievable, I have been absolutely thrilled. I see the dramatic difference in results that comes from working with someone who not only knows their business, but took the time to know mine and, by extension, me.”
Hank Parrott, President
Estate & Financial Strategies, Inc.

“...we loved the press release and how you did the endorsements. We are really thrilled with what you are doing. It’s so easy to work with you and you get things right back to us. Thank you so much!”
Pat Parrott
Estate & Financial Strategies, Inc.

“I'm sooo happy with what [PR] you've done, I think you're the greatest.”
Brent Wilsey
Wilsey Asset Management

"Wow Merilee! You are GOOD...Thank you sooo much [for the press release draft]."
Donna Taddeo
Voodoo Tiki Tequila Company

“Merilee, The quality of your articles has impressed us. :-) You have now earned our 'PLATINUM' membership level. This is a status that can not be bought and can only be earned by sending in quality articles. Only a small fraction of our thousands of authors ever obtain this level.”
Christopher M. Knight

“Merilee Kern is among the brightest and most knowledgeable marketers I’ve met in the Internet industry. She is creative, professional, personable and extremely dedicated.”
Jason Schlossberg, Public Relations
Middleberg Euro RSCG

“Kern Communications continually exhibits the skills and the knowledge required to undertake custom marketing projects for companies in a wide range of industries – a critical factor for our client-driven agency. Through Kern Communications, we’ve now established a new revenue source by offering our clients custom-tailed online marketing services, with the comfort and certainty that all programs developed will meet and exceed their expectations.”
Anna Talerico, Vice President
i-on interactive, inc.

“I want you to know that you are a very valuable part of this company and I am so glad to be associated with a person of your caliber. You do a tremendous job, and you obviously give 200%…”
Shelly Waltman, former Manager, Community Services, Inc.

“Merilee’s superior marketing skills, along with her in-depth understanding of Web design and layout, has positioned her in an elite class of Internet marketing experts.  She recognizes how to articulate the value proposition in 'marketing speak', and is able to replicate that message into an online campaign like no other. Kern Communications is a gem for companies looking to cost effectively bring their Internet initiative up a notch or two.”
Pete Boehm, Executive Director-Strategic Accounts
Covad Communications, Inc.

“It was a pleasure to work on high technology marketing communications initiatives in the past with Merilee. Not only did she provide impeccable service, but I was extremely pleased with the originality of her ideas and the distinct style, speed and quality of her work.”
Mike Hilgenberg, President
Entellica, LLC

" Merilee Kern is an outstanding professional in the field of marketing. The competence and quality of her work are unmatched. She is creative, elegant and has the pulse on her clients and customers. Her idea’s are fresh, her words persuasive and her abilities limitless. Merilee created many opportunities for me professionally through her efficiency and connections. I would highly recommend Merilee for any marketing project both on and off line."
Kelli Calabrese MS, CSCS, ACE, President
Calabrese Consulting LLC

“Working with Merilee was always a pleasure. I was impressed with her ability to juggle multiple projects without compromise, and to craft and execute creative online marketing initiatives that were certain to deliver.”

Patricia Hambrick, Owner
The Hambrick Group

“Thank you for your article [Seven Steps To Selecting the Right Web Development Firm],it was well written and we enjoyed it.”
Cheryl Norton, VP Online Operations
eMarketing Association

“I’ve used other Internet marketing services in the past, but Kern Communications has been far more impressive from the start by enthusiastically approaching our challenge and delivering results much faster than expected.”
Gerald DeSantis, Owner

“When planning the launch of our GamingWire online news service, we turned to Kern Communications for their unique online marketing expertise and creative ability. We were extremely pleased with the responsiveness, and overall results.”
Jack Harpster, Executive Director Media Group

“Merilee Kern is an enormously talented marketer who understands what it takes to be successful online. She has a clear vision of the true economic value of the World Wide Web, a tremendous capacity for organization, action and communication, and is the only person I've ever known that is capable of getting 8 hours of work done in 6.”
Dennis Gallinat, Principal
United American Technologies, Inc

“Not only does Merilee Kern deliver on her promises, she delivers quickly! No matter what my request, she nails it the first time around with no revisions necessary.”
Angela Dowgos, Online Business Development
LT&M Group

“I have found Kern Communications not only professional, but it’s great to work with a company that delivers more than they promise!”
Bob Perry, Owner
Branded Inc.

“You are superb at what you do.
Michelle Perez, former Director, Product Development, Inc.

“I have always believed that your work product and work ethics were always 200%.  Thanks for all you've done…”
Christine M. Brown, former Vice President, Operations, Inc.